In this column, choose which data from a table or view you want displayed. The data that is shown can be manipulated in this tool with SQL or through copying the data into another program to edit, such as Excel, Python, etc. You can connect to the datasets through Dolthub if you wish. 


Views are additional datasets that may be useful that were made through SQL queries into one of the tables. 

The copy button below will copy the SQL code that is being used, not the data that is displayed. Edit the SQL query by clicking the edit button

To copy the data, we suggest using one of these methods:



Select the table you want displayed from the left side column in the Table dropdown 


On the right side column where the data is displayed, click and drag to highlight the data


Right click or use CTRL+C to copy, then paste the data into another program such as Excel



Create a Dolthub account to connect to the database, then use the clone command within Dolthub to create a local copy of the data